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Seunghwan Lee

Hello, I'm Seunghwan Lee. I'm mainly interested in understanding, analyzing, and reproducing human movement via physics simulation, but I'm also open to discussing research topics in Computer Graphics, Robotics, and Biomechanics. I have worked on the simulation and control of the human musculoskeletal system as a part of reproducing human motor skills. In the meantime, I also dedicate myself to reproducing flexible human motions to external perturbative forces from the surroundings. I'm used to using articulated rigid body simulation, finite-element-based soft body simulation, numerical optimization, and reinforcement learning with deep neural networks.


BA, Nuclear Engineering, Seoul National University, 2016
Master and PhD, Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, 2022


Human, Human Movements, Movement Analysis, Character Animation, Physics Simulation




Gates 376

353 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305