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Journal Article

Hierarchical Planning and Control for Box Loco-Manipulation

Abstract: Humans perform everyday tasks using a combination of locomotion and manipulation skills. Building a system that can handle both skills is essential to creating virtual humans. We present a physically-simulated human capable of solving box rearrangement tasks, which requires a combination of both skills. We propose a hierarchical control architecture, where each level solves the task at a different level of abstraction, and the result is a physics-based simulated virtual human capable of rearranging boxes in a cluttered environment. The control architecture integrates a planner, diffusion models, and physics-based motion imitation of sparse motion clips using deep reinforcement learning. Boxes can vary in size, weight, shape, and placement height. Code and trained control policies are provided.

Zhaoming Xie
Jonathan Tseng
Sebastian Starke
Michiel van de Panne
C. Karen Liu
Journal Name
Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA)
Publication Date