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Dexterous Manipulation of Cloth


This paper introduces a new technique to synthesize dexterous manipulation of cloth. Given a simple description of the desired cloth motion, our algorithm computes appropriate joint torques for physically simulated hands, such that, via contact forces, the result of cloth simulation follows the desired motion. Instead of optimizing the hand control forces directly, we formulate an optimization problem that solves for the commanding forces from the hands to the cloth, which have more direct impact on the dynamic state of the hands and that of the cloth. The solution of the optimization provides commanding forces that achieve the desired cloth motion described by the user, while respecting the kinematic constraints of the hands. These commanding forces are then used to guide the joint torques of the hands. To balance between the effectiveness of control and computational costs, we formulate a model-predictive-control problem as a quadratic program at each time step. We demonstrate our technique on a set of cloth manipulation tasks in daily activities, including folding laundry, wringing a towel, and putting on a scarf.

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Yunfei Bai
Wenhao Yu
C. Karen Liu
Journal Name
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics), 2016
Publication Date
November, 2016